The Janusian Manifesto

Janusian Gallery is based on the following beliefs:

  • We believe in collecting art for its artistic value and beauty, not just as a financial investment.
  • We believe in art as a universal language, not a currency.
  • We believe in the power of art to heal, touch hearts, and change lives.
  • We believe that original art should not be out of reach to those who wish to acquire it.
  • We believe that art patrons come from all walks of life.
  • We believe that walking into a gallery should be a welcoming experience, not an intimidating one.
  • We believe that art can be outstanding even when the artist is young and/or inexperienced.
  • We believe in the beauty of diversity.
  • We believe in identifying, nurturing, and promoting new talent.
  • We believe that artists (and gallery owners) should be fairly compensated for their time and efforts.
  • We believe that artists (and gallery owners) can be financially successful without "selling out."
  • We believe in engaging artists and the general public in lively, ongoing discussions and activities.
  • We believe that arts education knows no age limits.
  • We believe in being a good neighbor and giving back to the community that nurtures us.
  • We believe that responsible financial planning and management will allow our Gallery to accomplish its vision and help ensure a prosperous, rewarding, and meaningful future.
  • We believe that our lives are artworks in progress.

Janusian Manifesto postcards and bumper stickers are available at our online gift shop.

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