Monday, January 2, 2017

Behind the Scenes: "So Sari" Mandala Images

With a company name like "Janusian", we had to do something special for the new year.

However, our vacation turned into a "busman's holiday" when Lynne photographed a portion of a fabric wall hanging made from recycled saris

and thought it'd look great as mandalas:

Of course, she couldn't stop at just one source photo and ran around the building looking for more wall art to photograph:

so now we have the start of a new mandala / kaleidoscope series!

Lynne decided to call it the collection "So Sari," because she kept telling Darren "So Sorry!" every time she meandered off with her camera.

Like these images? You can find them soon at our Crated and Curioos storefronts.

Behind the Scenes: Japanese-Inspired Icicle Images

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Ever wonder about our artistic process? Below, Janusian Gallery artist Lynne Guimond Sabean explains how she enhances some icicle photos she recently shot:

This past weekend, I shot some outdoor pix, focusing on icicle formations.

Some of them reminded me of traditional Japanese landscapes paintings, like this one:

So even though I hardly ever use the Photoshop filters any more, I thought this particular photo would look interesting with the Sumi-E filter applied:
I liked it so much that I did a few more:

Like these images? We'll be putting them up for sale soon on our Curioos and Crated storefronts.

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