Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wrapping... Up Our 2018 Valentine's Day Designs

While most others are wrapping their Christmas gifts, we're wrapping up our 2018 Valentine's Day designs. (Yup, we're feeling chronologically challenged.) To date, we've created at least four new collections and updated others.

We won't start actively promoting these products until after the New Year, but you can preview them now at our Smell My Feet Zazzle store:

- Lynne Sabean

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Planning the Perfect New Year's Eve Party

Following are tips from Janusian Gallery to help you plan the best New Year's Eve party ever:

  • Set a budget: this will help you determine how many people to invite, where to hold the event, what food/beverages to serve, what entertainment you can afford, etc.
  • Choose a New Year's party theme: retro, disco, modern, casual, or formal.
  • Book the venue: if you're not having a house party. Event spaces fill up quickly this time of year... and they're charging peak rates for New Year's Eve parties. How will the space further your them? What's included? Will you need to rent tables, chairs, linens? Do you want a big screen to watch the ball drop? Now's the time to ask.
  • Build a guest list: with whom do you want to ring in the New Year?
  • Get the word out early: it's a super-busy time of year. Give people more advance notice than you usually would. Consider save the date card or even just a "heads up" group e-mail / text.
  • Staff and planners can help take some of the load off you. Consider hiring a few high-school kids to pass around appetizers at the event and clean up afterwards.
  • Followup with invitations: set up a web page, send out an e-mail / text, pick up the phone or mail a custom printed invitation.


    We recommend NOT including the invite with any Christmas cards you may send out, as the message may get lost.
  • Plan your food and drink. Frankly, we're addicted to Pinterest for great recipes. How much of it do you want to make your selves and how much will you have catered?
  • Entertainment: Band? DJ? Your playlist?
  • Party supplies and decorations: For the perfect New Year's Even party, they're more than just an afterthought. Depending on the theme, you may choose to go with the convenience of disposable plates cups, and napkins.
  • Wear comfortable shoes: Trust us on this one.

  • Consider a (late) brunch instead: Make it pot-luck and you'll have even more time to spend with your guests.

What are your favorite party planning ideas? Leave us a message below.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

- Lynne Sabean

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Why Choose Print-on-Demand or Other Personalizable Gifts?

Gifts that can be personalized / customized are a great way to show you care. Here's just a few of the many reasons why:

  • Design variety: Choose from literally millions of designs that you won't find in "big box" or specialty stores.
  • Product variety: Its often not economically feasible for stores to carry all products in all designs. With print-on-demand products, you can easily find unique coordinating items. And even better, you often have easy access to the designer, who can create new products in any of the designs you see.
  • Creativity: Have you ever found an item that's "almost perfect" (wrong background color, pattern repeat the wrong size, great image, but you'd like to change the words on it)? Items that can be customized let you really unleash your inner artist.
  • Distinctive: Items with a monogram, name or message add a one-of-a-kind touch to the closet, home, or office.
  • Wedding / party planning gets a whole lot easier. Ever fallen in love with an invitation design, only to find out that it's not available in save the date cards, bridesmaid's gifts, etc? that's less likely to happen with special order customizable items.
  • Thoughtfulness: Your recipient will appreciate the additional time and attention you took to order the item. They'll know it wasn't "re-gifted" or pulled from a hostess gift box.
  • Kind to Mother Earth: Print-on-demand gifts are good for the environment, because they don't exist until someone customizes and orders them. There will never be piles of unsold products sent to the landfill.
  • Easily returned if misplaced: Customized gifts for kids - like lunch boxes, backpacks, shirts, and hats - means that teachers can ID left-behind items and they won't end up in the lost-and-found box at school.

Why do you love personalizable products? What's the best one you've ever given or received? Leave us a message below.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

- Lynne Sabean

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

How Online Companies Can Feel More Like Part of the Local Business Community

(This post originally appeared on the ThinkJanusian blog. It is republished here with minor changes)

We've learned that just because we run an online business, work from our home, and put in unconventional hours, We don't have to be isolated from other local business owners. Here some tips to make you feel better connected to the community in which you work.

Join your local chamber of commerce (or attend some of their activities as a non-member): Chamber events often attract hundreds of business people, last on.y a few hours, and are created to foster networking. Attendees are often given lists of other attendees. Don't just file it for later use: the quicker you act, the more likely you are to be remembered from the event.

Volunteer to teach a class or seminar in your areas of expertise. We believe strongly that everyone benefits when they share their strengths. Classes are also a great place to pass out print literature about your company to the attendees.

Do your work in public. Take your computer to the coffee shop or bookstore for a change of scenery. And don't just use their free WIFI and occupy a table for hours: give them a little business, too.

Donate products and services to local fundraisers to help get your company name out. Who doesn't want to help support their neighbors, while gaining a reputation for being generous?

ID five local businesses that complement yours, then make coffee dates with their owners. Even better if you can target someone who's already done what you're trying to accomplish.

Everything is an opportunity to get your company name out. Go to the gym? Wear a t-shirt with your company logo on it. Depending on your business, you may also want to use a vehicle as a "moving billboard". And always have a supply of business cards on hand to give to people you meet.

Join an entrepreneurs network, but only after attending a few times first as a guest. Gauge the feeling in the room. Re the other attendees enthusiastic, positive-thinking and well-connected or do they use the meeting to lament about "woulda/coulda/shouldas"? What past events have they run? Are meetings cancelled last-minute? Is there a revolving door of members? Who are the leaders and do they monopolize the meetings? Be wary of any group who wants your membership fees before welcoming you as a guest.

Hold volunteer positions in local organizations. This will help you stay visible in the community while giving back to groups in which you believe.

If anything looks familiar about this list, you're probably right. When it comes to effective marketing and promotions, there's no clear distinction anymore between online-only businesses and those which also have a physical presence.

What other tips and ideas have helped you, as an online business owner, network locally? We'd love to hear from you. Leave us a message below.

- Lynne Sabean

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Monday, November 20, 2017

How to Create Great Customer Experiences When Service and Fulfillment are in Someone Else's Hands

As an online business, we do lots of research on why people buy online vs at brick and mortar businesses. Most of the numbers we've seen indicate that 90-95 percent of retail shopping is done at a physical location. (Not as surprising as it may seem given that big ticket items like cars, boats, major appliances, etc. are things you definitely want to experience in person (not to mention items that can be extremely difficult and/or costly to ship.) But regardless of ***where*** someone buys, the ***how*** of what someone buys makes a world of difference.

We design for several print-on-demand vendors, including Zazzle, RedBubble, Society6, FineArtAmerica, Curioos, Merch by Amazon, and ImageKind. (See links at right.) Each company was carefully vetted at the time we joined to make sure their fulfillment standards were acceptable. But frankly, it can occasionally be scary to rely on someone else to help manage our brand. Following are some tips and techniques for creating an optimal customer experience.

1. Only work with companies with a great reputation for customer service. This can be hard to ascertain, because people who are dissatisfied with a particular vendor / manufacturer are more likely to leave feedback than those who are satisfied. Visit the web site and navigate around it the way a prospective customer would. Is the interface intuitive? Can you easily get to information and information you need? Ask Customer Service questions about a particular product and see if you get a prompt response. You get the idea.

2. Create great designs and content. One thing you can control is the quality of your designs and the accompanying text. While search engine optimization (SEO) best practices seem to change daily, the concept behind them hasn't: search engines reward web pages that deliver useful information and penalize zen those that don't. So use meaningful tags /keywords. Write product copy that makes site visitors comfortable, willing, and happy to buy your product.

3. Put your designs on the right products. Your customers want to feel that you really understand them and their wants and needs. We use personae (target customer "characters") to help predict what designs will attract which audiences and which products are most appropriate for those designs. For example, we'd never put a cartoon targeting toddlers on a cigarette lighter or a grownup-themed design on a baby bib. We also create sets of items to facilitate one-stop shopping.

4. Leverage all that technology has to offer. We love our print-on-demand vendors because they make it easy for buyers to order just the right item, in the right size, and customized to be truly one-of-a-kind. Help your customers create unique products by designing templates that are easy to use. Worried that computer technology makes it too easy for buyers to find someone else's product? Make your own pages so compelling that there's no reason to look elsewhere. Remind shoppers to pin or bookmark your pages to make them easy to find again. Be responsive to emails and text messages.

5. Buy samples of your own work occasionally. Odds are, the company won't treat your order any differently than anyone else's. (Which is just what you want if you're measuring the customer experience.)

6. Bring manufacturing issues to the manufacturer's attention. Got a bad review or a refund request? Our customers don't differentiate between us and our P.O.D. manufacturers. Nor should they. Ultimately, it's our responsibility to ensure a quality buying experiences from start to finish.

Does your company face similar challenges maintaining the integrity of the customer experience? What's worked for you? Leave us a comment below.

- Lynne Sabean

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Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Design: Pretty Poinsettia Invitations and Party Supplies

Today, we were lucky to have the opportunity to attend an open house at a local wholesale nursery, just before they started shipping their Christmas plants to nearly florists and garden centers.

The plants were outstanding quality and we shot tons of stock photography for future products. And even though we've sworn several times that we were "really, truly done" with our holiday designs, we couldn't resist making a collection for holiday weddings from one of our favorite photos:

Happy holidays from all of us at Janusian Gallery.

- Lynne Sabean

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Friday, November 17, 2017

New Design: Frosty Green Leaf Mandala

A few days ago, we took some early AM photos outside a local Audubon center while waiting for a meeting to begin. We liked this image:

but thought it'd look even better as a mandala:

We'll be posting it live to our Just Mandalas store over the next several days. (A little longer than usual because we're also shooting this weekend.)

- Lynne Sabean

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Planning a Holiday Wedding? Read This First...

We're from New England, so we know how attractive a "winter wonderland" or holiday-themed wedding can be. But there are unique challenges to scheduling an event at this time of year. Here are some things to keep in mind.

RSVPs: The harsh reality is that if you have your heart set on a holiday wedding, you may get more declines on your invitation. It's not always true that "the people who want to be there will be there; it's only one day; it's a once-in-a-lifetime event." And it's not that the people you invite don't want to be there for you. There's just a lot of other activities going on during the Christmas season. It's an expensive time of year and people's budgets don't always allow them to share in your big day. Your guests are traveling, traffic may be heavy, the weather is unpredictable, and hotel rates are expensive because there's no need to discount. Guests will have to juggle their holiday plans and traditions with yours. On the other hand, no matter what day you choose, odds are someone's not going to be able to make it.

TIP: Send your "save the date" cards out at least 6 months ahead of time. This extra notice will help your guests budget to be there. It also gives them time to get airline tickets at the best price. You can't control the weather and light, but you can make the most of them. There may be snow and/or ice. Work with your venue and other vendors to make sure your guests arrive safely and comfortably.

Holiday Surcharges: Caterers, venues, and florists can charge top dollar, if they're even available, because there's so much business during the holiday season. (If you're looking to get married between Thanksgiving and early Jan, you'll be competing with holiday work /corporate parties and other events. ) Also, flowers can be considerably more easily expensive if you live somewhere where's there's more white than green on the ground. On the other hand, weddings are expensive no matter what time of year. End with a holiday wedding, the venue has likely already done some of the decorating for you, with its own festive details.

TIP: Book your venues and vendors early. By guaranteeing them business far ahead, you're in a better negotiating position. Talk with them about their slow seasons and what's available when. Find out what days they're taking off for the holidays: you really don't want them on vacation or otherwise unavailable the week of your wedding. Consider selecting flowers and wedding colors to coordinate with the reception venues own holiday decorating for a cohesive look.

Lots of people can and do get married during the holiday season. With a little additional forethought and planning, you can have the ceremony and reception of your dreams at the most wonderful time of the year.

- Lynne Sabean

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

We attended Elke Clarke's Zazzle webinar today and this is what we thought of it...

This afternoon, we participated in Elke Clarke's free webinar on developing 5-figure income-earning Zazzle stores. We're a firm believer that success leaves clues and the articulate Ms. Clarke is undoubtedly successful at what she does.

The webinar targets new Zazzlers and those whose stores are underperforming... basically just about the entire Zazzle universe besides Ms. Clarke.

Ms. Clarke ( started on Zazzle when the print-on-demand site was still relatively new, so she definitely has an early entrant's advantage. But with Zazzle becoming increasingly competitive, she needs to stay abreast of new developments to remain successful.

She outlines the basics of researching trending products, stresses the importance of having products in all price ranges, and gives tips on general graphic design rules. This overlooks the fact that to stay above the competition, you almost really need to be a professional graphic designer (who does not need any reminder on "rule of three").

That said, we 100% agree with the philosophy of "Make the customer the hero." She also points out the interactive quality of social media, noting that is not a store catalog.

We think it's a little cruel to say "If I can do it, so can you," because starting a business on Zazzle today is far different than it used to be. While we didn't learn a lot of new things, it was wonderful to essentially get affirmation that we're doing a lot right. We also think that the information that Ms. Clarke would be very useful to those who unlike us, are not professional marketers and graphic designers.

- Lynne Sabean

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The Importance of Curating Your Designs

We spend a lot of time talking with other print-on-demand store owners about their design and marketing processes. One of the things we hear over and over again is how "embarrassed" they are by the old designs they still have posted in Zazzle, RedBubble, Society6 and elsewhere.

Frankly, there's absolutely no reason to have any inferior products in your shops, unless they happen to be best-sellers (which is highly unlikely). It detracts from the rest of the portfolio and collections and makes it look like your better work was a happy accident.

We routinely delete or hide designs that we think aren't consistent with the branding we're trying to cultivate. Our litmus test is : "Would I use only that image in a print or online ad? Would I enter only it in a design contest? Would I proudly give it as a gift?"

We totally get that it took valuable time to create, post, and promote the old artwork. But odds are, it's negatively impacting the way people see you and your business. Rigorously editing and curating your collections will give audiences confidence in your shops as places to go for fresh, quality work.


- Lynne Sabean

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

New Zazzle Store and Collections: Kawaii Dinosaurs

We've been working hard on our holiday selections, but we get that the majority of Christmas purchases are not holiday-themed. We call these "evergreen" products: those that are appropriate for year-long gift giving and personal use.

So we'd like to introduce you to our new Zazzle store "Kawaii Dinosaurs."

It features our "evergreen" illustrations of adorable dinosaurs.

We'll be populating it over the next few weeks. Looking for a specific product you don't see?

Send us an e-mail and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

Monday, November 6, 2017

We've Been Promoted to Zazzle Pro Bronze Designer

If our nine Zazzle storefronts look a little different these days, it's because Zazzle recently invited us to their Pro Bronze program, based on the royalties we've earned off sales of our designs and their impression of the quality of our designs. Thanks to our affiliates who helped us get here.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Better Question About Online-Only Businesses

When we were in the planning stages for Janusian Gallery a few years ago, one of the questions we asked ourselves was: "What services do bricks-and-mortar businesses offer that we can offer online?" In retrospect, we should have been asking ourselves, "What value can bricks-and-mortar businesses offer that we can't offer as an online business?"

This is because even then, bricks-and-mortar businesses weren't necessarily the gold standard. In many cases, they can't come close to offering the inventory, breadth of offering, customization options, and 24x7 availability that customers can get via print-on-demand vendors.

What have your experiences been with online shopping, at one of our stores or elsewhere? Leave us a comment below.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

New Christmas Design: Jingle Bell Rock

We're happy to announce our newest whimsical Christmas collection, "Jingle Bell Rock":
Find it during the holiday season at Amazon (search for Janusian Gallery) and permanently on Zazzle:

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Christmas Design: Merry & Bright

We get it: not every one's into red and green during the holiday season. So we created this new minimalist black and white Christmas design.
Available for a short time on Amazon (just search for Janusian Gallery) and permanently on Zazzle:

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Holiday Design: My Favorite Color is Christmas Lights

We were playing Christmas music in our car the other day to get us motivated to start promoting the holiday designs that we created a few months ago. While we'll certainly do that, the festive tunes also inspired us to create a new design. It features colorful holiday lights and our take on the phrase "My favorite color is Christmas lights" in a festive typeface that's shaped like a decorated tree.
It's now available at our Zazzle, RedBubble and Society6 stores (Links at right).

- Lynne Sabean

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Why mandalas are not "petri dishes sitting on top of doilies"

We love creating intricate one-of-a-kind mandalas from our own photographs.

We do our best to honor their heritage as sacred art and we love how they add a bohemian touch to the home.

So imagine our delight when arguably the country's largest real estate web site recently featured a paid post about two things we love: The Property Brothers and kaleidoscope art.

We adored the kaleidoscope art feature wall, thinking it looked a lot like some of the "feature walls" we saw in home decorating magazines a few years back. Then we read the article's copy.

Apparently, one of the Brothers compared the pattern to "petri dishes sitting on doilies." Ouch!

Yes, we get that boho chic isn't everyone's taste and that when you're selling your home, you want it to appeal to as many people as possible. We also understand that part of the show's formula is to point out the supposed failings of the home's owners to properly stage their home on their own. But, wow, that was harsh!

We think the Brothers could have advised their clients that a great way to add eclectic charm to their home is through great wall art that can be moved room to room and brought with them when they relocate. And in our fantasies, they would have directed their clients to our Curioos site for art like this:

- Lynne Sabean

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Two New Mandalas, Exclusively at Curioos

We get particularly inspired by the colors of autumn. Here are a few new mandalas we hope you'll "fall" for...

And here's what they'd look like in a home or office:

They're available exclusively at our Curioos store.

- Lynne Sabean

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Design: Window to the World Mandala

Another new mandala design:

This teal and silver one is based on our photograph of vintage windows with peeling paint.

It's currently available at our Curioos and FineArtAmeria stores; coming soon to some of our other print-on-demand vendors,

- Lynne Sabean

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

New Designs on Society6

We recently updated our Society6 store to add hundreds of fresh products for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas:

We know different people like different print-on-demand vendors, so we do our best to be everywhere you are.

- Lynne Sabean

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

New Design: Spring Fantasy Floral Mandala

With our holiday designs essentially complete, we've turned our attention back to making mandalas. This pretty design is based on our photograph of light pink and yellow summer flowers.

It's currently available on Curioos and FineArtAmerica; coming soon to some of our other print-on-demand vendors.

- Lynne Sabean

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We're Giving Away What Others Charge For

Last night, we listened to a podcast about a man who made more than $250K in one year with one of the print-on-demand t-shirt vendors we also use. He didn't do it the way other people do: with one or more trendy designs. Instead, he went to local businesses and charged them $250 each to set up new storefront and upload the companies' logos for them. While we applaud his entrepreneurial spirit, that's just not the way we do business.

  • First of all, it takes only a few minutes to get up a storefront with most POD vendors;
  • Next, most companies already have high resolution versions of their logos that can be uploaded in seconds;
  • Third, most companies already have robust mailing lists which they can use to alert their customers about their new t-shirts and other branded products;
  • Also, his business model dried up when his PoD vendor got a waiting list and became available "by invitation only";
  • And finally, we think the guy was actually leaving money in the table by not setting up an arrangement where he'd get a modest fee for sales of those products. While he won't get $250 up front, he'd be building a passive income stream going forward.

In contrast, here's how we prefer to do things: we will help you set up your own Zazzle storefront at no charge to you. All we ask is that you add one or more of our products in your store's offerings. So why would we do this for essentially free, when others charge a consulting fee to do something similar? It's actually pretty simple:

  • You can easily figure this stuff out on your own, but it's still nice to have some hand-holding;
  • We know that most people will link to more than one of our products once they see them;
  • We don't want a "one-off" transaction: we want to build ongoing business relationships;
  • Our success is tied to yours: do a great job selling our products and we make royalties and you make a referral fee; and
  • You'll enjoy working with us so much that when you're looking for help with special media marketing, you'll consider hiring our sister company, ThinkJanusian.

Ready to start? Send us an e-mail.

- Lynne Sabean

Monday, October 9, 2017

5 Key Mistakes We Made on Zazzle

Lessons from the school of hard knocks:

1. Opening stores too quickly: We were so captivated by the idea of passive income that wanted to post as many products as fast as possible. We should have spent more time on Zazzle first, browsing through the site the way buyers do, testing templates, comparing prices, etc. With more than 7,500 products today, we've spent literally hundreds of hours fixing our early mistakes.

2. Not having an established social media presence before opening our first store: Not only did we have to learn the intricacies of our Zazzle storefronts, but we had to open new accounts for Janusian Gallery on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. and build our audiences.

3. Believing too many articles and videos on how easy passive income is: Success leaves clues, right? Maybe, but when the successful person has been doing this for a decade or more, they definitely had an early entrant's advantage that no longer exist today. Much of their advice on staying ahead of the competition is given from the perspective of already being in the #1 position. It's not as helpful to someone with new stores trying to break to break away the herd.

4. Underestimating the importance of a robust e-mail list: Dig a little deeper into the stories of people who claim to have built a Zazzle business bringing in a full-time income and there's usually one similarity: they already have another similar business (t-shirt shop, interior design business, etc.) with a fabulously large and clean mailing list.

5. Too much time designing, not enough time marketing: This one was particularly avoidable and inexcusable because we also run a social media marketing business. We relied too heavily on comments from other designers that Zazzle does so much marketing on its own that you have to do is ride its wave. So we focused on stocking up our shops when we should have been spending more time getting the word out about our existing products.

We have to confess: we actually made a lot more than just 5 big mistakes. But we want you to visit our blog again, so we're saving more to share later.

- Lynne Sabean

(Become a Zazzle affiliate and we'll help you avoid mistakes like these when you open your store that includes one or more Janusian Gallery products.)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Find Janusian Gallery Mandalas at ImageKind

We recently opened a presence on ImageFind and posted some of our favorite mandalas there:

We'll be adding new designs over the holiday season, so visit us often!

- Lynne Sabean

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

New Lower Prices on our Merch by Amazon T-Shirts!

We're only a few sales away from graduating to the next tier at Amazon. We really want to hit our mark within the next week or so, because it'll allow us to upload a motherload of new designs just in time for the holiday season. So we just lowered the prices on nearly ALL our t-shirts there to just $16.99. This is our best ever price on Ts and we're going to keep those prices into the New Year. Just go to and search for "Janusian Gallery."

- Lynne Sabean

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Friday, October 6, 2017

How and Why Social Media is Influencing Design Styles

If you're thinking that design styles from print-on-demand (PoD) vendors are looking a lot hipper, fresher, and younger these days, you're probably right. And there's a very simple explanation for this: social media.

Here's why:

  • To make good money online and build a loyal customer base, designers and store owners need to drive as much traffic as possible to their online storefronts and PoD vendors. (It's not enough just to have a presence on Zazzle, Amazon, etc. and rely on their search engines, because there's so much good competition out there.)
  • In order to drive this traffic, designers and store owners need to effectively utilize a wide variety of social media tools.
  • Who is most facile with social media tools and who spends the most time interacting on social media? Most often, it's teens and young adults.
  • The more online "friends" and "followers" a designer has (and the more friends those friends have), the more prospective customers a designer or store owner has.
  • The more effectively prospective customers can be targeted, the more likely these prospects are to visit the PoD site.
  • But just being able to drive a large volume of traffic to a print-on-demand site isn't enough. Designers and store owners have to have a compelling reason for people to want to stay and explore their offerings. In other words, they need to convert prospects into customers.
  • That key reason for buying? That fool-proof way to convert targets into buyers? It's great design at the right price.
  • The lifestyles, interests, and tastes of buyers dictate which products and designs become best-sellers on PoD sites. For example, older customers may gravitate toward products like mouse pads, playing cards, greeting cards, and coffee mugs with traditional designs. On the other hand, time-pressed parents with young kids look for birthday party supplies, gender reveal invitations, and t-shirts in colorful, customizable designs. 20-somethings are more likely to be interested in funky apartment furnishings (posters, pillows, etc.), backpacks, wedding invitations, and sneakers. (Notably, all three of these demographics can be price-sensitive, so finding the "sweet spot" of how much someone is willing to pay is crucial.)
  • As more young people visit and buy from the sites and storefronts their friends tell them about via social media, sales increase for "younger" items, colors, and styles. Trends are created.
  • Successful designers and store owners are sensitive to trends, because they affect profitability. They try to predict trends, create them (or at the very least, participate in them). So one successful design can lead to five more, which can lead to 50 more.....
  • And where's one of the best places to keep abreast of trends as they break? You got it... social media sites. And so the circle continues.

- Lynne Sabean is co-founder of Janusian Gallery and founder of Think Janusian, a social media consulting firm.

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New Thanksgiving Collection: Give Thanks

Introducing our most colorful Thanksgiving collection ever:

See the entire collection at Zazzle:

- Lynne Sabean

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New Design: Thanks and Giving

We're proud to announce the launch our newest type-based collection, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Get it now at Zazzle; coming soon to other platforms.

- Lynne Sabean

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