Sunday, May 1, 2016

Easy (and Reversible) Steampunk-Inspired Hat Modification

We're going to be walking the Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, MA next weekend. We already showed you how to create a steampunk-inspired purse. Today, we'll show you how to modify a hat in just three easy steps. Even better, everything is 100% reversible if you're like us and repurpose your costumes.  The total cost of the project is under $30, with $25 of it being the hat cost. (We already had the thread, needle, and Velcro dots.)


-a hat (We bought ours at Burlington Coat Factory, because we wanted some non-historically accurate bling. Also, much of the work was already done on the "back." You can also acquire men's hats at reasonable prices from men's formalwear shops: just be sure to ask for a "non-returnable rental",  because they don't officially "sell" them.)
-thread and upholstery needle
- 1 yard netting, tulle, or fabric of your choice. (Again, we went with the bling.) We got ours on sale  at JoAnn Fabrics.
- curiosity for the front of the hat. (We used a thrift-store clock, to go with the festival theme.)
-Lots of Velcro dots.

 Turn up hat at sides, using a tack stitch.

Gather up loose ends of netting and tie together.  Add Velcro dot  fasteners. (Make it easy on yourself and put the two sides together before affixing to hat.
Insert tulle into bow at the back of the hat. (We added another Velcro dot to the front of the tulle for added security.)

Add Velcro to clock and affix to front of the hat.  The angle of the brim helps support it.  If you don't want a working clock, consider removing the inner mechanisms to make it lighter. (Ours works, so we left the mechanisms alone, but we popped out the battery to stay on Haight-Ashbury time.)


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- Lynne Sabean

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