Thursday, April 28, 2016

Introducing our Yummy New Donuts Collection

Yes, inspiration struck first thing in the morning! Janusian Gallery and Smell My Feet are pleased to announce the launch of our Donuts collection.

We liked it so much, we've been wearing one as a nightshirt for a few weeks.

See the entire collection at Zazzle:

- Lynne Sabean

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Introducing the Cinco de Mayo Cactus

No one loves a fiesta more than the Cinco de Mayo Cactus, with his Mexican sombrero hat and striped maracas! Buy for May 5; enjoy all year long.

This new collection from Janusian Gallery and Smell My Feet is available at Zazzle:

- Lynne Sabean

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Our Relatives are Superheroes. Are Yours?

Show them how awesome they are!

This new product line from Janusian Gallery and Smell my feet features red and yellow comic book-style bursts. We have options for mom, dad, papa, nana, mimi, sis, bro, dude, grad, aunt, and uncle.

Browse the entire a/k/a Superhero collection at Zazzle:

- Lynne Sabean

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Announcing New Mandala Jigsaw Puzzles

Janusian Gallery and Just Mandalas are pleased to announce the debut of several new mandala jigsaw puzzles, available exclusively through Zazzle. Here's a sample:

- Lynne Sabean

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Free Tutorial: Make a Victorian / Steampunk Reticule Purse for Under $10!

Making a lined Victorian-style reticule / purse / bag for your Steampunk costume is easier and quicker than you think. (It honestly takes more time to buy the materials, especially if you hunt down sale, clearance and thrift store items the way we did. For fabric, grommets, and chain, we spent under $10! For everything else, we raided our crafts and sewing closet.) This DIY sewing roject can easily be done in half-a-day, once you have all the materials.


  • Large plastic, roll up quilting board (Not required, but it sure makes cutting and measuring easier. Wait for a 50% off sale or use a 40% off coupon, because they're expensive at full retail. Ours is 60" long by about 34" wide, so it fits nicely on a standard-size kitchen table. When not in use, we roll it up, tie heavy bungee cords around it and store it in a closet)
  • Ruler for measuring and cutting. We like the metal ones with cork underneath. We also have a quilting one that's longer.
  • Pins
  • Fabric (depends on how large you want your Steampunk reticle to be. We bought 2/3 of a yard of the outer fabric because it was on sale and the leftovers could be used for other projects. For the lining, we used a polyester prom scarf from Goodwill.)
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Chalk or pen
  • Scissors and/or razor blade
  • Calculator
  • Bowl about 1" larger in diameter than you want the purse to be. (The bowl in the photo below is 7.5" in diameter.)
  • Light cardboard (about the thickness of a shirt box or poster board.)
  • White glue (We used Elmer's Multi-Purpose Glue-All)
  • Metal grommets/eyelets
  • Cording, metal chain, or ribbon for drawstrings. We used a chain.
  • Your choice of tassels, ornaments, and trim

Step 1: Place bowl on fabric. Using razor blade, slowly and carefully cut out circles. (3 circle of outer material; one circle of inner material.) Or: trace circles and cut out with scissors.

Step 2: Calculate ***length*** of fabric needed. Measure diameter of circle and multiple by pi (3.14 is close enough.) Add twice your seam allowance. (I use standard 5/8 seams, because they're forgiving.) For this reticule, it came out to 26" in length.

Step 3: Calculate ***height*** of fabric needed. This depends on the style of reticule you want to sew. I wanted one that folded back on itself, plus had a drawstring top, so my height is longer than most. The GoodWill scarf was 17" in height, which was the perfect size, taking into account seam allowances.

Step 4: Cut outer fabric and lining to the desired dimensions. Fold each in half separately, right sides together, pin, and stitch side seams. (The short sides.) For me, this resulted in two rectangles 13" wide (1/2 the length) by 17" high. Remove pins.

Step 5: Stay-stitch separately along the circumference of one outer circle and the inner circle, slightly smaller than your seam allowance. Notch along the outer edge, stopping just before the stitching. This will make it easier to fit and the purse bottom to the bottom of the cylinder.

Tip: Fold circle in 1/4s and mark fold points on wrong side of fabric or use a few tack stitches. (In the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions.) Do the same on the bottom of the cylinder. This will make it easier to fit and pin the circle to the cylinder.

Step 6: Open rectangle so it looks like a cylinder. Pin circle to bottom of cylinder, wrong sides out. Stitch; remove pins.

Step 7: Keeping both wrong sides together, pin the outer fabric and lining as shown in picture. Leave about 4-5" open, to pull lining through later. (Your mileage may vary, depending on the size of your bag and the fabrics used.) Stitch.

Step 8: Turn bag right side out through hole.

Step 9: Tuck lining into bag. Hand-stitch stitch top closed. (Don't worry, we didn't forget about the drawstrings...) It should look something like this:

Step 10: Cut a circle out of shirt board/poster board that is about the size of one of the remaining circles, minus seam allowances. Set aside.

Step 11: Pin the remaining two fabric circles, right sides together. Stitch halfway around circle. Clip all the way around circle circumference. Trim the stitched part back to 1/4 inch. Turn right side out. Insert cardboard circle, pressing tightly into stitched area.

Step 12: Glue one side of the remaining circle to the poster board. Place and or other heavy objects on top to "clamp" until dry.

Step 13: Tuck remaining fabric and hand-stitch. Leave completed circle to the side for now.

Step 14: Add grommets/eyelets about 1.5" from top; string through drawstrings.

Step 15: Roll down top. Stitch above and below grommets. Add circle to bottom of bag for extra structure. (Also makes it easier to clean bottom of bag and protects liner.)

Step 16: Add Victorian / Steampunk-inspired decoration to one side of drawstring.

Here's how it looks with the skirt and vest:

We hope you enjoyed this free tutorial. Visit our Steampunk-themed collection on Zazzle:

- Lynne Sabean

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Social Media Marketing 101: A Roundup

Here's a roundup of our articles to date on social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing 101: Introduction and a Brief History of Internet Marketing: Laying the foundation for an ongoing discussion of the merits of various types of social media.

Social Media Marketing 101: Write Better Tweets: Tips for using Twitter to promote your business.

Social Media Marketing 101: Use Your Facebook Presence Like a Grownup: Promote your business Without alienating your friends.

Social Media Marketing 101: Snapchat: Sell Your Stuff Without Showing Your Junk: Social media's former "bad boy" is cleaning up its image. Could it be an effective way to reach a younger audience with your marketing messages?

Social Media Marketing 101: Leveraging Linkedin for B2B And B2C Marketing Success: Find out why LinkedIn is way more than just publishing your resume and connecting with former coworkers.

Social Media Marketing 101: Developing a Google Plus Presence: Google+ is more than just a Facebook alternative. It's also a powerful way to get your postings rank higher in Google search engine results.

Social Media Marketing 101: Better Marketing Through the Use of Personae, Part 1: The use of personae is a great way to understand your audience, develop great products, and market them effectively. But where do you start?

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